DMT Making 101

Let’s keep this short and as sweet as possible.

Dimethyltryptamine also known as “DMT” has received much interest in recent times due to the documentary “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” as well as Dr. Rick Strassman’s book. In Strassman’s clinical trial, he would inject DMT into volunteers who would then have experiences they would later describe as “realer than real”.

The Shamanic brew known as “Ayahuasca” has also received much attention recently as dozens of YouTube documentaries and videos describe the process of drinking the potion and it’s subsequent psychedelic effects. Some media outlets have even reported healing properties both mental and physical of this beverage. The catalyst for the spiritual journey when drinking Ayahusca is DMT.

It should also be noted that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists DMT as a schedule 1 drug alongside Heroin, Ecstasy, and LSD. In its “street form”, DMT is predominantly smoked or vaporized which leads to intense experiences lasting 20 to 30 minutes. The short duration of this altered state has led to the slang term of the “businessman’s trip” or the “businessman’s lunch”.

In 2013 in the scientific journal Biomedical Chromatography, Dr. Strassman published a paper outlining unequivocal evidence that DMT was found to naturally occur in the pineal gland of live rats. This supports his hypothesis that humans produce DMT naturally as well and likely in greater amounts during spiritual practices such as chanting, prayer, meditation, and even during the birth and death processes. This means that while the U.S. government might deem externally administered DMT as illegal, there is absolutely nothing illegal about consciously inducing the production of a naturally produced hormone found in potentially all animals.

When analyzing the differences between our active, waking conscious states compared to deep meditative states that can potentially lead to natural DMT induced experiences, there are 2 key biological factors that appear to be in play.

Higher than normal Melatonin levels.

Lower than normal Carbon Dioxide levels.

The generic consensus on how Melatonin is produced in the body is as follows: “In vertebrates, melatonin is produced in darkness, thus usually at night, by the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland located in the center of the brain but outside the blood–brain barrier.”

However, there also appears to be an association of increased Melatonin production during altered brain waves measured by EEG equipment from breathing exercises, meditation, quietness, and potentially hypnosis. Perhaps coupling these types of exercises in addition to complete darkness enhances one’s own Melatonin production ability.

As it pertains to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the body, exercise tends to increase the levels as the muscles utilize oxygen and produce CO2 as a byproduct. The metabolism of food produces H2O (water) and CO2 as a byproduct. Respiration rate has a direct effect on CO2 levels with shallow, infrequent breaths leading to an increase in CO2 levels known as hypercapnia. It’s rather interesting that the spiritual exercises of prolonged stillness (muscle atonia), fasting of varying degrees, and rhythmic breathing all directly suppress CO2 levels.

(It’s interesting to note that while fasting can suppress CO2 levels, a 1992 study in the Journal of Pineal Research outlined that fasting also significantly increased Melatonin levels throughout the body particularly the stomach and brain.)

A 2003 study published in the journal Advanced Studies in Medicine, states the following as it pertains to rhythmic and/or deep breathing patterns - “In respiratory alkalosis, as blood carbon dioxide (CO2) decreases, intracellular CO2, which is readily diffusible across the cell membrane, moves into the plasma. The loss of CO2 from the cell causes the intracellular pH to rise.“

Being that the only difference between Melatonin (C13H16N2O2) and “The Spirit Molecule” DMT (C12H16N2) is one atom of Carbon and two atoms of Oxygen, it appears as though providing an environment both externally and internally that leads to increases in Melatonin production while simultaneously decreasing CO2 levels is the key to producing DMT internally. This is why we have devised what we believe to be the quickest, most straightforward method for inducing a natural DMT experience.

1. Provide the optimal environment to increase Melatonin production which would equate to complete darkness and complete quietness if possible. Unplugging electronics in the room including Wifi can additionally help as there are multiple studies outlining the effects of electromagnetic fields negatively affecting melatonin production and pineal gland performance.

2. Decrease CO2 levels in the body via stillness, fasting, and maintaining a consistent breathing pattern.

3. Utilize humming or chanting to physically vibrate the pineal gland, pituitary gland, and thalamus to increase stimulation and potentially secretion rates.

4. We have created the audio track titled “DMT Making 101” lasting slightly longer than 1 hour in order to provide an easy to follow guided format to induce deep relaxation and prime the body to make endogenous DMT. Here is a direct download link. There are two guided sections followed by a short chanting/humming session following them. Just relax the body but stay awake and don’t forget to breath and chant/hum with the out breath during the appropriate time.

(A Shorter, More Compressed Version lasting about 46 Minutes)


Optimal time to partake in this would be 3am if you were sleeping by 10pm. Set a gentle alarm and immediately begin the audio session. Let the body fall into deep relaxation while keeping the mind relaxed but awake.

Common symptoms are as follows: pressure in the middle of the head and behind the sinuses, flashes of light with eyes closed, the feeling of the body vibrating as if laying on top of train tracks, twitching of the limbs, and a feeling of heaviness of the body.

Timing of food consumption is key as Carbon Dioxide levels will remain elevated if you attempt to conduct this exercise directly after indulging in a substantial meal. Fasting is optimal but if it’s not possible, light meals prior to the session that do not cause digestive stress such as bloating/gas would work as well.

Look at the mechanics (breath rate/melatonin secretion) and timing (2am-4am) of REM sleep as it pertains to dreaming. The only difference between this active induction of DMT production and sleep/dreaming is the conscious/unsconscious state of experience.

Sensory deprivation float tanks can be excellent for inducing natural DMT experiences. The complete darkness, quietness, and weightlessness of the experience allows for a primed environment.

Dark-room retreats in which the subject spends prolonged periods of time (general minimum of 72 hours) in 100% darkness have produced very positive results as it pertains to natural DMT experiences.

A supplement list of the following can potentially provide an initial boost to producing DMT internally: L-Tryptophan & Melatonin.

A 1986 paper in the journal Hormone and Metabolic Research documented a study of THC’s (Marijuana) effect on Melatonin secretion in Men. The study found that 120 minutes after ingesting THC in the form of a 1 gram Marijuana cigarette, Melatonin levels were measured at an average of 4,333% higher than the original baseline and 3,000% higher than placebo. Utilize the information as you will as it pertains to synthesizing endogenous DMT.

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For a more extensive look at the potential effects of DMT synthesis within the body and how they correlate with externalized and internalized experiences read “Measuring DMT Formation in Humans”, 6-part Series on DMT & Gamma Waves as well as the “Wild Theories” series.

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