Alkalosis, Nervous System, & “Hitherto”

“Hitherto, both the Autonomic Nervous System and Innate Immune System were regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. The present study demonstrates that, through practicing techniques learned in a short-term training program, the sympathetic nervous system and immune system can indeed be voluntarily influenced.” - excerpt from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Vol. 111, No. 20 > Matthijs Kox, 7379-7384, doi 10.1073/pnas 1322174111)

Hitherto equates to… “up until this point in the discussion.”

In modern “science” terms, that would represent a 300 year ongoing conversation depending on who you cite.

When it comes to the genre of science, it appears as though the “Hitherto” aspect can tend to be regurgitated as a quasi-fact or “common knowledge” for quite some time. Once this aspect of “science” becomes a widespread belief, it can take years, decades and possibly even millenniums for the science-trained masses to adopt and most importantly… publicize the new observations that possibly contradict the original belief.

In the first piece for Q4LT we brought up some questions regarding the effects of hyperventilation specifically as it pertains to CO2 levels in the bloodstream and it’s possible interaction with DMT/Melatonin production. In this piece I will continue to lightly dig into the hyperventilation aspect as it pertains to Alkalosis, the nervous system and some of the “symptoms”.

Alkalosis is formally described as a condition in which the body fluids have excess base (alkali). Human blood from a “normally” functioning person generally stays within a range between 7.35 and 7.45. Anything over 7.45 could be considered Alkalosis.

There are multiple forms of this condition such as Respiratory (The one we will focus on), Metabolic, Hypochloremic, Hypokalemic, & Compensated.

Some of the “official” symptoms of Respiratory Alkalosis due to Hyperventilation are as follows but not limited to:


Muscle spasms in the hands and/or feet

Tingling sensation in the arms or around the mouth



Hyperexcitability of the nervous system


In general, hyperventilation is considered a negative that can tend to occur in emotional, anxious children. However, in this “belief bending” paper in PNAS, the subject (Wim Hof) and his students induced acute alkalosis in their bodies utilizing breathing exercises. Some subjects were even able to increase their pH levels to an astounding 7.75! Not so surprisingly, their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the bloodstream would fall rather dramatically during this same time frame.

It is during this state of being that Wim Hof and his trained subjects showed the capability to “voluntarily influence” their Autonomic Nervous System and Innate Immune System. In essence, the “Hitherto” of assumptions which states that humans do not have an innate capability to consciously control these two systems is proven to be no longer applicable. Perhaps the original assumption can be restated in the form of, during “X” brainwave state, with “X” level of CO2 in the bloodstream, humans have been incapable of voluntarily influencing “X” systems. The fact that Wim was able to train a dozen subjects to replicate this ability tells me that it can likely be replicated in the majority of the human population.

A very interesting and scientifically accepted symptom of Alkalosis is the “hyperexcitability of the nervous system”. This is due to the decreased Ca2+ (Calcium Ions) in the blood causing constriction of the blood vessels and potential for increased electrical conductivity. Since Alkalosis within itself seems to be considered a negative, any symptom of this condition has seemingly been documented as a negative byproduct as well. That is… up until recently when it was demonstrated that a “Hyperexcitable” nervous system could be consciously controlled. Perhaps the ability to control one’s Autonomic Nervous System gives you the ability to consciously control your immune system and that is not just a good thing, that is a GREAT thing.

Would it be absolutely insane to assume that possibly not all the symptoms of respiratory Alkalosis are negative?

The questions then become… Why? How? What are the implications?

It’s obvious that it’s more than simply hyperventilating your way to garnering ”super powers”. During the study, Wim employed a meditation technique he has dubbed “Third Eye Meditation”. This includes calming the mind, stilling the thoughts, and visualizing a “third eye” on your forehead. Some will liken the third eye to our Pineal Gland.

Remember… the Pineal Gland? That thing that reportedly produces Melatonin (C13H16N2O2) which is amusing similar to DMT (C12H16N2) being only separated by one measly CO2 molecule. (I was “corrected” on Twitter by a medical professional stating that it’s not CO2 but rather C-O-O. Yes that could very well be true but we are using a systemic viewpoint of surface observation. CO2 or lack thereof seems to be a key contributor to the variation of producing DMT rather than Melatonin.)

So if I have this right… inducing respiratory Alkalosis via controlled Hyperventilation in conjunction with utilizing a meditation technique known as “Third Eye” allows you to influence two body systems in a manner that “science” had yet to observe prior to 2013?

You’ve gotta be shitting me!

Based on the data outlined in the study and comparing it to the involuntarily aspects of dream states with deep breathing & Theta/Delta brain wave states there appears to be a relationship between the two types of “altered states”. The only question is if DMT is involved in both states or only during the dream/sleep state.

The next question is in regards to the reported “miracles” of spontaneous tumor shrinkage during deep hypnotic regression therapy. Being that the PNAS study concluded that humans do have an innate ability to control their body and more specifically their immune system in a manner that had yet to be officially observed, is it that far fetched to believe that under the most ideal of conditions… instant degeneration of tumors or like illness is possible?

“Logical” train of thought is a resounding YES IT’S FAR FETCHED and YES IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

Unfortunately I would have to remind you that our “logical” thought process for the last 300 years also had us believe we couldn’t access certain faculties until proven otherwise very recently. It might be time to tinker just a bit with what we deem as “logical”… ya think?

My question further at this point is, what exact role does the visualization technique play during the “Third Eye Meditation”? What would happen if one were to simply not visualize anything at all? What would happen if one were to focus on a different part of the body?

A question as it pertains directly to instant tumor degeneration is… what happens to the substance forming the tumor during this “miracle”? Does it get dispersed into the body? Does it dissolve into the ether?

The only way to test this whole thing is placing a group of patients with verified tumors and have them employ the necessary environment in order to tap into these previously untapped abilities. “Science” has never reported on spontaneous remissions of tumors during deep hypnosis but many hypnotherapists have reported it far and wide across the world. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s true and could very well be a ploy to garner future business but the further we dig into the details of how and why… at least from an extremely simplistic viewpoint, it seems entirely plausible that at least a percentage of these cases could be valid.

Let me reiterate incessantly that “science” has now officially reported that we can control our bodies in a manner earlier thought unattainable… the real question is how far can we take this ability?

I also must emphasize that just because the scientific community has recently observed and documented phenomena that had never been done so prior, does not equate whatsoever to this phenomena ceasing to exist until recently. Different humans throughout the history of the world have claimed certain mind bending abilities like walking on hot lava for literally thousands of years. Perhaps the ability documented in the PNAS paper is somehow correlated with the ancient “lava walking” ability?

These key factors appear to stay relatively the same:

Brain Wave State Alteration from meditation, hypnosis, Binaural beats, or prolonged darkness (DMT production)

Breathing Techniques (Hyperventilation) that induce an acute state of Alkalosis (CO2 suppression)

Abstaining from Food directly prior (No alcohol or caffeine was ingested 24 hours prior to the PNAS study and no food was ingested 10 hours prior = CO2 suppression)

Perhaps herein lies the answer of the Placebo effect?

Since the 24 hour environment of Placebo patients are very rarely monitored, there is a possibility that the 20% of those Placebo Patients that experience powerful positive reactions are exposed to a different environment than those that receive no benefit. That environment then affects their DMT production levels and their CO2 levels which somehow lead to the positive effect? Or perhaps these patients have an inherent internal environment that affords them a greater probability of being able to consciously influence their bodies?

The “placebo effect” is very much accepted in “science” but it has never been fully deconstructed in a “scientific” manner.

In any case, “Hitherto” is the key word of the day as the scientific documentation of observations is a laborious, time consuming process. While “science” is gaining new ground on the details of certain innate abilities we all possess, I believe there have been countless practitioners of these “electrical/energetic” arts that have been in motion for many, many years in various formats. Science as a whole has been clearly at the forefront of explaining intricate cellular mechanisms, synthetic compound discovery, formulation and production. However, to state that science is at the forefront of all phenomena appears to be rather unwarranted. A simple example of this is the above case of “Hitherto”.

Simply because science has yet to observe something and dissect the detailed mechanics of the transpiration doesn’t negate the fact that something “miraculous” is happening. People observe the end point of a “miracle” and it is up to science to explain it. Being currently incapable of explaining and denying it’s existence altogether is not scientific as it offers no progress to our understanding of what we know and are capable of.

Much like the field of Epigenetics proves that environmental factors have a direct effect on genes expression and their subsequent mutations, the observation that humans placed in a very precise environment exude different physical capabilities than those placed in a very different environment should not be surprising.

After all… the human body is in essence an army of trillions of cells.

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