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Cancer and DMT

Relax my friends…

We’re not claiming that ingesting DMT causes cancer or anything of that nature.

We’ve just recently stumbled down the rascally rabbit hole of monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity and the potential correlation with endogenous DMT synthesis. As MAO is responsible for the rapid breakdown of DMT (as well as other biochemicals) it seems logical that fluctuations in MAO activity might provide a potential bio-marker for DMT formation within the body. There are two forms of MAO within the body… MAO-A and MAO-B. Both are found throughout the nervous system while MAO-A is also found in the liver, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and placenta while MAO-B is found in the blood platelets.

The plant that acts as the MAO inhibitor within the psychedelic brew Ayahuasca is Banisteriopsis caapi (B. Caapi). The active compounds in this plant responsible for the MAO inhibitions are harmine...

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Revisiting the Schizophrenia-DMT Relationship

Schizophrenia is formally classified as a mental disorder in which a person has “lost touch with reality”. Some of the symptoms of schizophrenia are categorized as hallucinatory phenomena (both audio and visual), delusions, and unusual ways of thinking. It’s considered to be an illness that is debilitating to the person as it hampers their ability to live a “normal” life.

A 2005 review in the journal Medical Hypothesis presents the history of endogenous DMT research and the proposed link between the molecule and mental disturbances including schizophrenia. A few studies in the 1970s observed greater urinary excretion of DMT amongst schizophrenic patients compared to controls. However, follow up studies found inconsistencies in this transpiration and the DMT-schizophrenia link has largely been discarded in favor of the “dopamine hypothesis”.

While much of the focus as it pertains to...

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Telekinesis, DMT, & a HUGE Gamma Spike

The recent focus of Q4LT has been to speculate on the various synchronous layers of the body that coincide with altered states of consciousness. In fact, we’d venture to state that these are not altered states at all but rather enhanced states of consciousness.

In the piece “Telepathic Training Wheels” we delved into the projected mechanisms of how telepathic transfer occurs relating to expansion of the electric/magnetic field based on increased oscillatory activity and biochemical Endohuasca upregulation. Up until recent times, we hadn’t come across any data regarding the elusive ability known as “telekinesis”.

Telekinesis is formally classified as “the psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction”. At it’s most basic, it is the ability of a person to move an object by utilizing thought alone. While mainstream science will dismiss the...

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DMT ‘Hallucinations’ or Expansion of the Spectrum? (Part 2)

In Part 1 we touched upon the range of the electromagnetic spectrum and the human field of vision within this spectrum. We also covered what appears to be an expansion of this visual field amongst children who seemingly have the ability to see deeper into the UV bandwidth than adults. We found it quite interesting that DMT appears to have a specific affinity for the UV range between 280 and 315 nm being that this falls outside of the perceived human visual spectrum of 390-700 nm.

In this second part, we will continue to discuss some of the endogenous components of the human body that seemingly have affinity for different light spectrums as well as the implications of this. We will also speculate on the type of camera design necessary to effectively capture these hypothetical parallel layers of reality.

(It’s been noted that humans who have experienced Aphakia, the absence of the lens...

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Dave Nichols is correct about DMT and the Pineal Gland…. Partially

There’s been quite a buzz in the DMT discussion circles regarding a recent presentation made by Dr. Dave Nichols at the Breaking Convention conference. In this presentation (which we have embedded at the bottom of this piece), Nichols makes the case for DMT and the pineal gland as not being predominant factors as it pertains to mystical experiences with a focus on the near death experience (NDE).

While I enjoyed the presentation as it provided insights into yet another endogenous compound (Dynorphin) that correlates with significantly altered states of consciousness, I found that there seem to be some missing pieces to Nichols’ research that might provide deeper insights to the “Endohuasca” puzzle and NDE’s.

I’ve used the term “Endohuasca” in the past to describe some of the endogenous compounds that might provide the answers to generating altered states of consciousness without...

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The 10 Commandments of “Scientism”

“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” - The Definition of the Scientific Process

Observation and experiment…

Observation… AND experiment.

Somehow it appears as though there is a blind spot in terms of the word “observation” as it pertains to the… religion (cough-cough) ‘excuse me’… field… of scientism masked as science. Here is the passage restated correctly as many within the… religion (oops… sneeze-sneeze), field of scientism interpret the scientific process:

“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through experiment and only experiment.” - The Definition of the Scientism Mindset

In the religion known as “Scientism” there is absolutely no room to...

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DMT “Hallucinations” or Expansion of the Spectrum? (Part 1)

In 2015, Q4LT had the opportunity to interview Dr. Rick Strassman regarding his book, “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” as well as his research & beliefs regarding dimethyltryptamine. In this interview, we briefly touched upon the notion of the “Out of Body Experience” and whether DMT might provide some context for a definitive study on this phenomena. The discussion was as follows:

JC: The concept of “Out of Body” is foreign amongst mainstream scientific circles being that the concept of a “soul” or “spirit” has yet to be very well accepted… However, there are boutique organizations such as The Monroe Institute and the International Association of Consciousness that specialize in this perceived phenomenon. What are your thoughts on reported “Out of Body Experiences”? Do you believe at some point these types of experiences will be “proven” in a clinical setting as being something more than...

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Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson Debate… Missing the DMT Mark

I was recently forwarded the podcast in which Dr. Sam Harris and Dr. Jordan Peterson would engage in a debate regarding what appeared to be the meaning of truth… specifically as it pertains to religious beliefs.

Harris is a neuroscientist by training and is seemingly known for his promotion of spirituality without any religious involvement.

Peterson is a clinical psychologist by training and identifies himself as a Christian who is deeply religious. He criticizes atheists who he believes oversimplify the philosophy of Christianity based on their critiques.

I didn’t really know what to expect from either man since I haven’t read any of their material and do not follow them closely. However, when two people debate the reality of religion, I would expect them to discuss the “supernatural” occurrences either to dissuade or add validity to their respective arguments. From my perspective...

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Health Tips… A Basic Overview

I’ve been waffling on putting a “Health Tip” piece together as it seems as though there are a plethora of health gurus at the public’s disposal. Please make note that I do not consider myself a “health guru” nor a guru of anything for that matter. I’m simply a person that has basic questions about systems… the human body, society, and everything else in between.

When it comes to health or wellness, I believe that much like a house, the foundation must be of great strength to withstand stress. In my opinion, the three most important points in terms of building a rock solid foundation for health comprise of 3 keys: sleep, shitting, and respiratory patterns.

This doesn’t equate to concepts such as environmental exposure, dietary influences, stress levels, and exercise as not being important. These factors are obviously crucial but in my eyes are secondary compared to the first three keys...

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Questions for the Lion Tamer… Book Now Available!

Since I’ve received dozens of requests for a hard copy version of the information found on this site, I’ve decided to compile them in a book format. The book spans 352 pages and costs $19.99. I’ve set this price as a “nature tax” being that all the content can be found here at Q4LT.com for free. Hopefully it will give your eyes a rest from reading extensively on an electronic device. I’ve tried to present the info on this site in a sequential format that makes sense in terms of tying in the synchronous changes in the electrical brain/body alongside hormonal/neurotransmitter fluctuations. While DMT has been the focal point of discussion at Q4LT, it seems that our entire endogenous “hallucinogenic” system is in play. Enjoy the hard copy and If you feel inspired, please leave me an honest review at Amazon!

Questions for the Lion Tamer: Delving into the Mystery that is DMT


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